Once COVID-19 is under control and we start returning to normalcy, there must be certain precautions put in place in order to maintain an end in the spread of the virus. Such precautions will also help stop the spread of the Flu, and other viruses alike, which kills 20,000 people every year due to a lack of a temperature monitoring system at the workplace, sporting, or community events. 

We think an easy, non invasive solution are Infrared fever monitoring systems which take people's temperature as they walk into an office building, a mall, or a stadium. If people knew their temperature would be checked, they would stay home and would stop infecting others. Our systems can check up to 10 people at a time in a continuous flow which means you barely notice it is happening.

We believe this is not an invasion of privacy but a respect of others.

Check our IR fever monitoring systems and let us know how we can answer your questions. 


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Whether product innovation is driven from a customer requirement or through a new opportunity, our engineering brains are always aiming to develop the best possible security solution to ensure infrastructure and crowded spaces are safe.


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