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Certified HVM 35 barrier stops truck up to 3.5 Tons - front axle destroyed - vehicle disabled

Committed to help Law enforcement save lives

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1 • Mobile solution against ram hostile vehicles

2 • Fast assembly, does not require any tools

3 • Easy storage and transport with racks

4 • Barrier unit coated with spray-on weather tested bed liner product = 0 maintenance

5 • Barrier unit does not cause anxiety from the public

6 • Fully portable barrier that can be moved for priority vehicles.

7 • Withstands an impact of 3.5 t at 48 km/h.

8 • Adapts to all surfaces and all terrains including pavements and uneven levels.


-  One person simple and fast install to minimize cost.

-  Provides a high level of security against unauthorized vehicle access

-  Foldable for easy transport and storage.

-  Fully mobile with wheels in the front and rear.

-  Heavy gauge all steel welded construction.                         -  No limit on how many units can be assembled together. 

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The HVM 35 barrier has been tested in a crash at AISICO Italy, an accredited test facility.

It has acquired the IWA 14 and the PAS 68 in category N1 for trucks rated at 3.5 Tons at a speed of 30 mph.

The truck was stopped and the barrier retained it’s integrity without braking.


This barrier unit comes fitted with a front and rear wheel. Wheels allow quick movement of the barrier assembly for first responder vehicles to pass through.

Rear wheel are activated using a lever. One lever is used for lifting each wheel one at a time. Less than a minute is needed to lift a 5 unit section wide enough to let first responder vehicles though.

When not activated, the rear wheels do not touch the ground.  The lever is removed for safety when wheels are not activated.


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Once the barrier units are no longer needed, they can be rolled back to their storage rack, folded in one easy movement and stowed until they are needed against.


- 12 folded units fit in this all steel welded rack.


- Rack comes standard with a truck bed liner coating applied on its surface making it scratch and rust resistant.

- Racks save crews in the field countless minutes during assembly time. They can be stacked to save space.

-Quick and easy to handle. Racks come with boltable casters for easy moving inside a trailer or warehouse if no pallet jack or forklift is available

- Dimensions: Smaller than a standard shipping pallet

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