"Law enforcement & EMS" 

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This Air Shelter deploys in minutes, is constructed from durable materials, and was designed for First Responders.


The shelter comes standard with 3 inflatable walls. A forth inflatable wall is optional with a transparent zip door as well as in a soft single layer fabric with zipper in the middle.


This shelter fits in a bag no bigger than a large sport bag. This shelter is perfect for use in the field to treat patients during a traffic accident or community events and can act as a triage center or a rehab area. 

EMS Shelter with optional inflatable front wall

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 Shelter with optional zipped front wall

Inflatable Police with fabric door zippe

Specifications "EMS" & "Police" shelters:

    3 sizes

-  AS20.1295: 20’ L x 12‘ W x 9.5’ H inside dimensions.

    Optional inflatable front wall:  ASZW20.1295

    Optional Zipped front wall:      ASIW20.1295

-  AS20.1695: 20’ L x 16‘ W x 9.5’ H inside dimensions.

    Optional inflatable front wall:  ASZW20.1695

    Optional Zipped front wall:     ASIW20.1695


-  AS25.1695: 25’ L x 16‘ W x 9.5’ H inside dimensions.

    Optional inflatable front wall:  ASZW25.1695

    Optional Zipped front wall:     ASIW25.1695

    TDMP 1: Optional transparent zipped door 

- Waterproof - Mildew & Mold Resistant

- Dimensions & weight folded in its transport bag

           AS20.1295  : 132 Lbs        32” x 24” x 24”

           AS20.1695 :  154 Lbs        40” x 24” x 24”

           AS25.1695 :  187 Lbs        47” x 32” x 24”


Each Air-Shelter Kit Includes:

- High-quality shelter 

- 6 blowers integrated in the walls

- Fire Certification Labeling

- 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

- Carrying Bag, D-rings


Note: Shelter is air tight and doesn't need a blower on to stay inflated. The pump/regulator only comes on when needed.

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3 minute set up

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Fits in a bag and in the back of an SUV

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