Infrared fever rapid screening system

Artificial intelligence algorithm, more accurate and faster temperature measurement for small to large scenes
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2 efficient systems:

HVM W38-S   384 x 288 resolution. up to  6 people at a time 

HVM W64-P   640 x 480 resolution. up to 10 people at a time  

HVM W38- S and W64-P  systems are an intelligent human body temperature screening system. Many years of experience in infrared R&D has been needed to quickly detect people with fever symptoms in a crowd and accurately monitor the highest temperature value. The system is destined to be used in Airports, seaports, train and bus terminals as well as office buildings and retail stores where a lot of people are in and out all day. 

The key to an accurate measurement of temperature for a flowing crowd is the mandatory presence of a black body.

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384 x 288 and 640 x 480 uncooled full real time high-sensitivity thermal image camera which can perform long distance multi target non-contact measurement of the surface temperature of a human body.

Multi-point abnormal temperature alarm and automatic capture of the alarm screen. The system provides video recording function which enables the real time all day video recording of the monitoring screen.

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The system conducts intelligent temperature measurement resulting in automatic correction of the body temperature.

The system can realize the automatic calibration without manual intervention.  The built-in reference black body and high precision temperature sensor can completely eliminate a temperature drift and can work stably and reliably for many years without being disturbed by the ambient temperature. 

AI artificial intelligence

Both HVM 60-WP and WS provide an advanced infrared thermal imaging technology with high accuracy. People with elevated temperature will trigger an alarm immediately even when a large flowing crowd is walking by our system. The alarm setting and tracking system ensures that no target will be missed. Our AI uses face recognition to avoid interference with high temperature objects like a hot beverage or a lighter.  AI face detection algorithm can accurately measure forehead temperature even when wearing a mask. 

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Face temperature detection

Face alarm

Facial recognition

More resolution results in more people checked at one time


The core device is independently developed, with a large area, accurate temperature measurement and clear images.

640 x 480 resolution

384 x 288 resolution

160 x 120 resolution

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Actual screenshot of the software

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We offer a  long-range temperature detection up to 32 feet away, no risk of infection caused by close contact

Our advanced infrared thermal imaging technology and high accuracy (<0.5 F°) means both HVM W38-S and HVM W64-P screen wide area with flowing crowds and those with elevated temperature will alarm the operator immediately. The operator sees the infrared video feed as well as the actual video.


Main specifications

Included in each system: 1 x thermal imager, 1 x black body, 2 x tripods,  1 x software program ;  Computer is optional

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